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A new day?

Above sunrise picture was taken before arriving at Monaco, don’t you think it is a nice view ^^ ?

How wonderful it is, to start our day after looking at the sunrise.

上の日出はモナコに着く前に撮ったんだ。いい景色じゃない ^^?


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Edited Version

From now on i will try to write in Japanese Language too, as a practice for my Japanese too ^^ .

これからも日本語も書くようにする。日本語の練習にもなるからさ ^^。

Happy New Year 2011. Wish u all the best in this new year ^^

Actually i don`t know where should i start my story , so i  just uploaded some pictures.



Brazil , Rio De Janeiro 「ブラジル、リオデジャネイロ」

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