Hi there, it’s been a while ( a lot of “while” though , haha ) for me to write in this blog. Actually, I’ve been wanted to write my blog all the time but somehow I don’t feel motivated to write at all. And also , I just felt that my creativity in making poems is gone ( can it really gone away? )

Happy New Year 2012 too ( yeah it’s too late though, haha )

For this post, I’d like to write about “common sense” .  Words that I’ve never realized fully before, because it seemed as trivial things with everyone doing it everyday.  You can see it everywhere, people applying this “common sense” in their daily life. Yeah, why I didn’t even realize before that “common sense” is a thing that existed between us human being?


 Japanese version

こんにちは、皆さん。またこのブログに書くのは久しぶりだな (ずいぶんの久しぶりだな 笑)。

実は、ずっと前から僕が書きたかったけど、中々やる気が無かったうえに、詩を書く創造性もなくなったし (っていうか、無くなれるの?)

新年2012、おめでとう (超遅いけど 笑)

今 回のポストには”常識”というものを書きたいんだ。今まで完全に気づいた言葉じゃなくて、皆がやっていることだから、たいしたことじゃなく見えました。ど こにも見えるし、皆が日常生活にやっているし。 どうしてこの’常識’っていうやつは今まで人間の僕らにあるのを気づかなかったんだろう。

As an example : A good driver that doesn’t SMS-ing, Facebook-ing , Tweet-ing , making any phone call or any things that will take away your focus and attention from driving ( aside from emergency case ) .

Everyone know that doing things like that are dangerous for the driver and other people, yet there will be always people doing that while driving. Can you say that they’re “stupid” or some kind of that? As some of them might be a highly intellect people, such as a professor in famous university.  I’m sure they know and realize it’s dangerous,  yet they’re still doing that, hahaha ^_^, so what’s wrong with them then ?

Can we say that high IQ isn’t related to this “common sense” ? Is it connected to emotion?  Is this what we called “street smart” ? I myself, seems to lack common sense too. Doing things that aren’t in their places, when everyone know how to do it, only me don’t know how to do it. Ahhh, I can’t even explained it properly in real example (-_-“) .  But I will keep trying to improve my own common sense too, to become a better person , haha.

Have you ever felt like that? Things that you’re supposed to do, yet you’re not even aware of them? When you would’ve done A, you did B.  It is an interesting topic I think. If you feel that you’re lacking common sense, you can Google “how to improve common sense” and you will find interesting things too ^_^.  I’m sure you will find it. Or you can see this link : http://www.wikihow.com/Develop-Common-Sense

Credit and Thanks to Wiki ^_^

As for pictures, I will upload them in another chance, because right now I’m using USB modem connection that’s not that good for uploading pictures (-_-“) . See you guys again in next chance !

Ah, by the way, here is my newest poem ( just made it while writing this post, at last my ability to write poem is back !! haha )

  “One” things

I have one God

God that made my one soul,one mind and one body

God that I can trust my only one life with

God that treats me as if I’m the only one for Him

There’s only one life for me

One heart, that keeps beating

Keeping me alive

As one living person

I have one beautiful place

That I called Home

I have one heart

A heart to love only her wholeheartedly

And now I can proudly say

Having only “one” special things is a wonderful thing


例えば: 危なくて、集中力にかけるから、いい運転手はSMS、Facebook,Twitter、電話などをしない(緊急事態以外)。


この場合、IQって言うやつに’常識’に関係あるか?それとも情感に関係ある?これはストリートスマートかな?僕自身も非常識だと思うが。違うことを違うところでやったり、皆が知っているのに僕だけしらなかったりしたとか。あぁぁ、うまく実際のことを説明できない (-_-”)。

あなたもそう思ったことある?やるべきことだったのに、きづかなかったりして。Aをやるべきだったのに、Bをやってしまったとか。このことは面白い話題だと思う。自分も非常識だと思ったら、どうぞ”常識を磨く方法”とかでGoogleして下さいね ^_^。英語バージョンはあるけど [http://www.wikihow.com/Develop-Common-Sense ]、日本語バージョン見つからなかった。ごめんなさい (>.<“)

写真については、また今度ね。今遅いネットのUSBモデムを使っているから、アップするのは無理だな (ー_-”)。また今度!!

ところで、以下新作の詩 (思いついたばかりなんだ、このポストを書きながら。やっと詩を書く創造性戻ってきたぞ!! 笑)