Above sunrise picture was taken before arriving at Monaco, don’t you think it is a nice view ^^ ?

How wonderful it is, to start our day after looking at the sunrise.

上の日出はモナコに着く前に撮ったんだ。いい景色じゃない ^^?


When yesterday ended awfully and not like as we wanted, when nothing seems getting better than before, it is heartening when we know we still have tomorrow, another day and chance to do better ,knowing there is still hope.But because of that thought, we just live today as it is, thinking that we still have tomorrow, there’s another chance waiting.

Being able to open our eyes and wake up in the morning seems to be normal, yet we forgot that being alive itself is a God’s grace, when i think of how many people out there are not given chance to see another day, another sunrise.It’s scary, to think that what we have now seems so trivial, yet other people don’t have it and we ourselves not even aware of it.Makes me wonder how much time do i still have in this life? At least, I’m still alive for now ^^

So, what do you think?

Oh, and as promised before, i uploaded the ship’s pict ^^

いやに終わって、思ったとおりにならなかった昨日があっても、何も以前よりよくならなくても、明日がまだあるかぎり、もっとよくすることができるチャンス がある限り、希望がある限り、心強いだよね。が、その考え方で、「明日まだあるから、チャンスまだあるから」思い込んでいながら、今日を普通に生きてい た。

目をさめて、朝に起きることが普通に思っているが、他の人が次の日はもうない、次の日出を見ることさえできないと思ったら、本当に生きることさえ神様の徳沢だ。怖いな、僕らが今持っているものが”くだらないと自分が思って、自分自身も意識していないのに、他の人がそれを持っていない。僕がこの人生にどれぐらい残っている時間あるか疑問しているようになっている。まあ、とりあえず、今まだ生きている ^^


ああ、前約束したとおり、船の写真をアップしたよ ^^

Continued, some other picts :


A clear weather at Malaga, Spain


A big mosque at Tunis, sorry i don’t get to know the name of the mosque


Tunis's Mosque

Tunis's Mosque

Souvenirs from Tunisia at Sidi Bou Said village


White & Blue Building at Sidi Bou Said village


Temple at Colombo, Srilanka


Temple at Srilanka

And as the ending, enjoy the poem ^^

最後に、僕の一首をどうぞ ^^


We have feelings
For that we’re happy and sad
For that we’re laughing and crying
For that we’re loving and hurting each other

Scientifically,the most intellectual race
With the highest morality
Vice versa, being the most foolish race
Doing absurdly unwise things, corrupted by greed

Humility stil waiting at the horizon’s door
Waiting to be carved into flesh and soul
As most of us choose to put on a cloth called “ego”
Forgotten how vain it is

After all, we’re human…