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From now on i will try to write in Japanese Language too, as a practice for my Japanese too ^^ .

これからも日本語も書くようにする。日本語の練習にもなるからさ ^^。

Happy New Year 2011. Wish u all the best in this new year ^^

Actually i don`t know where should i start my story , so i  just uploaded some pictures.



Brazil , Rio De Janeiro 「ブラジル、リオデジャネイロ」

Err, only 1 picture ~_~ , because in that time I still don’t have camera. Although i took several pictures using my phone`s camera, i will just upload this one.

ええと、その時はカメラまだ持っていなかったから、携帯のカメラで取った写真はいくつかあるけど、アップしたのはこの一つだけ ~_~。

Easter Island 「イスター島」

Easter Island`s Children 「イスター島の子達」

I don’ t know what are they looking for actually, maybe sea turtle? fishes? or just enjoying the wind’s breeze ?


Moai`s Warning!!! 「モアイの注意」

Don’t touch it because it’s delicate and fragile?


This island is a good place and also they have the world heritage called Moai Statue as you can see. One of the best place I’ve ever been to!!!

Just don’t forget to bring your sunblock and hat because it`s hot enough to leave a sunburn in your skin.



Barcelona , Spain [Sagrada Familia] 「バルセロナ、スペイン(サグラダファミリア)」

I didn’t have much time in this place , so that i didn’t get to go inside the church (to get inside you need to pay about 10-20 euros) and actually the development of this church is not finished yet. For more information you can visit : Sagrada Familia


Monaco 「モナコ」

This is the place where the shooting for Iron Man 2 was done. Well , actually i don’t know if the shooting location was taken too in this picture


Peace Boat & Moai 「ピースボートとモアイ」

Last but not the least , the ship I’ve been working at and in there many things happened ^^

So , that’s it for now. I will continue posting if i have the mood and not lazy enough, ha5

PS : Because the last picture was not taken by me, and i still haven`t get the permission from the person who took the picture (to avoid infringement of copyright), i deleted the picture from my blog >.<,  sorry all. I will try to look for another picture of the ship to put it here.



PS : この写真は僕が取った写真じゃないから、他の人が取った写真で「著作権侵害にならないように」、残念ながら、消すことにした 。ごめんなさい >.<。また自分が取った船の写真をアップするから。