Sekedar numpang masukin puisi doank.. doank.. doank..


A process into unconsciousness
To call it a day
To comprehend we did alive for today
To prove that we did do something today

It’s a palace
That no one but ourself as the king
A palace of mind’s freedom
Though it’s an isolated world

A place to put our heart
At ease and warming
The place when we feel sad and lonely
When we don’t have other places

Then we realize,happiness or so it called
Is hard to find,yet it’s easy to create it
An artistic,egocentric and unique “creature”
By our mind,our soul and our will

And so we will wake up
To find that yesterday’s footprints
Still there,waiting for us
To make marvelous days…


Freely choosing…
Between unlimited options
It’s about choosing an imagination
The yet unsolved human mind

An imagination
That u might not be able to tell others
That being abstract
For that u’re called dreamer

Dream, while u still able to
As big as u can
And don’t let it fade away
Make it become reality


I’m afraid
Afraid of losing your smile
Although you’re here smiling with me

I’m afraid
Afraid of the end of my life
Although i’m happy with it

I’m afraid
Afraid that this fear won’t just go
Although it’s just a feeling

And i just remembered
I should not afraid
Coz nothing will always the same
And my fear is the proof
That I’m having my best time


The word ‘poem’
Consists of beautiful words fused into wonderful sentences
A thing that’s too beautiful that only poet could understand
Or something like that?

Is it the purpose of a poem?
To write ‘a piece of mind’
With ‘a full heart’ into it
To share it to this world

Write a poem that’s not beautiful , but meaningful
With your whole heart and soul
So that people who read it will be touched
And we can call it ‘a poem’

to be continued (don’t know when)….