1 month has passed since the last post oO

Now i’m back , feeling that an idea was so far away from me recently T_T

Fiuh , skripsi sudah memasuki tahap pembuatan hardcover , setelah sidang 14 Feb 08 ( lulus dengan nilai cukup o.O , what an unforgetable Valentine ) , yang membuat w cukup kecewa + menyesal dan kehilangan ide + niat buat blog -_- , but i should be grateful + thank God for letting me pass this thesis exam 😛

Okay , back to the topic now. Nick in this context is nickname and greet is greetings , i think both are words that all of us know 😀

Maybe some of us get a nickname , whether it’s good or bad one ( me myself also get a nickname , better not tell it 😛 hehe) . Nickname are usually given by friends , family or even maybe ur lover , that maybe somehow represent ur personality. U maybe like it , or hate it. Some people are hate being called by their nicknames , coz it’s embarrasing and being made fun + not cool 😀 , while others may like it coz sounded cool and made them became popular 😀 .

Either way it is, when some1 was given a nickname , it means her/his friends are close enough to call her/him that way 😀 (usually)

And about greetings , i think it’s the basic thing human do everyday when meeting with others.But not only that , it also show how u respect + appreciate others by the way how u greet them ( either calling their nick or real name). Remember , how u treat others , that’s how others’ll treat u too.

When i was small , before eating , i would say “Papa makan , Mama makan , etc etc ” to the older family members as a polite greeting to eat (though until now still doing it 😀 )

Anyhow , it’s not a good idea to call someone by his/her nickname while there are a complete stranger with u , that’ll causing a negative appearance of him/her 😀 , especially when he/she are older than u.

And the most important thing : Don’t forget ur friend’s real name while u’re already used to always call him/her by nickname 😀

And for today poem ( was made when i feel this regret ) :


Now i understand
The words that u told me : Do ur best

While we were struggling as hard as possible
So that no despair coming for us

Has it been too late?
As for now my heart aching deeply
Tired , full of burdens
Placed by no one but my own thoughts

Regret , with a feel of emptiness
Leaving the scar in our heart
Taking away the smile from our face
While we don’t want to accept reality