Hoi hoi, 2nd post in this 2008 😀 ( bakalan ada 3rd, 4th, dst -_-a)

Yesterday was my 21th b’day , celebrated with some flour and eggs in head + shirt (~_~) at 12.00 midnight

My friend, Juanda suddenly knocked my room while i was studying & chatting, told me to get out and then made me take a blindfold, what the ?

And then i was taken prisoner blindfolded and my hand was being held by Ju while going down to outside gate , like a lamb taken to execution -_-a , wkwkw

Instead of that, i was holding his hand too, while suddenly “plop” sound came from my back, aaaaaa, the “celebration” started, and while they (my other friends) keep throwing eggs + water + flour , i was hugging Juanda to let him get some too (my eyes still blindfolded) 😀 , LOL

Juanda had became sacrifice in this “celebration”, i think that’s the funny part.And another friend (Fredy) also get some flour in his head caused by me catch the flour and throw it to him (after the i loosen the blindfolded 😀 )

So then i took a bath (wash my head 3 times o.O ) , and got another thing, that’s B’day Cake and congratulations from them.

Hmm,this’s the 1st time being celebrated like that, i wonder if it’ll happen again ~_~ . This is unpredicted event for me, bcoz happen when i was not prepared.

This reminding me, our life full of unpredicted things, maybe bad things , or good things. But, whatever happened, we need to moving on, coz we were not living for the past, but for future. So, cia you , ganbatte , good luck , semangat 😀

My favorite quote :

Don’t look down when u feeling sad,regret,or despair. Just look around, and u’ll understand, u were never alone, bcoz u still have someone that care about u

And as usual, for today poem ^^ :


As if there’s no beginning
Thousand of words keep flowing
Whether lies or truth
Already made no differences

I used to forget
The lies that gone untold
I used to remember
The truths that always hurt me

Well,whether i like or not
Unknown problems can’t be solved
Living a lie is the fact of truth
While altering the truth is the fact of lie

Updated & some edit :

Thx for all of my friends that have said Happy B’day to me, whether from FS, YM , SMS, and direct approach 😀