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Bingung mau post apa,kemarin ga ketemu the mysterious girl lagi ,karena faktor yg dirahasiakan (lho,emang apaan? , yang jelas w bukan stalker ~_~ ) ,cerita lebih lengkap ada di blog lama

And for today Poetry :

Just A Child

Given a pat on his head
Made him feel secure
To understand the cares
Underneath the warm body

The clock keeps tick on
To remind the remaining times
Goodbye was the last word
As the life at stake

Rewinding the memories
She cried silently
Existence of another days
Will they come for this child?

Blood keeps flowing like a river
From the warm body
Not wanting to apart
For this little time

Neither the body nor the soul
Was able to against death
It was too sad,tangled alone
Because,he is just a child