hey hey,back again to here ~_~
Fiuh,liburan telah lewat dan kuliah kembali dimulai lagi,another boring/exciting days?
Nah,it’s just a different point of view for u ^^

Recently,i just attracted to a girl in my univ,started from this semester,started to like seeing her once in a week (the same time for my course) ,while i don’t even know who she is T_T,mgkn bakal kenalan sama dia 😀 ? ahak2,just a possibility

well,it’s just ordinary feeling in this ordinary world by not an ordinary person (@_@) ho ho ho (emang sinterklas –" ?)

back to the question :"When the heart is inside the mind ?"
emang kapan yah perasaan berada didalam pikiran o.O
apakah ketika kita sedang emosi/marah,itu termasuk perasaan didalam pikiran ?
atau ketika sedang jatuh cinta,apa yg ada dihati dicopy paste ke pikiran kita @_@ ?
w jg ga tau deh,pertanyaan iseng doank,wkwkwwk

For today poem :

    When the rain comes

Just an usual sight
Boring cloudy sky
Ready to throw away it’s water
Pouring down this dry heart

Others already take cover from the rain
I saw you from far away
Running,soaking your clothes
Even so,u keep smiling

A distance between us
Was the reason we met
A stranger to each other
Not something really special

You keep smiling
Looking the cloudy rain
As if a child get his new toy
Didn’t know that i was staring at you

For a moment
I want to hug you
To see your face closely
To hear your sound

But the rain stops
Then u run again and disappeared
But i believe
Someday,we’ll meet again

Additional note :

"We are stranger for each others,tied by distance,separated by
reality.But,distance is the reason why i could see u & reality is
the reason why i starting to love u,while the possibility is not zero"

A quote by me ^^