It’s 3.20 AM,when I started to write this blog (~_~),not sleep yet
while listening to this slow instrument music that i don’t know what the title is,feel a bit melancholic (o.O)
sigh,sometimes my heart aches,remembering all the wrong things that i have done in the past (T_T)
just wandering,why can’t i be perfect,never do wrong things?

is it just human nature,tend to do wrong things although they don’t want to do,leaving a regret later?
Now,i feel like missing something,or maybe some1  @_@ uoghhhhhhh

And for today’s poem :

                            My agony

When the song was heartless
I was here waiting for you
To help me learn
From a myth of agony called Love

Having a curiosity
About an illusion never changed into something real
Don’t want to realize
That love isn’t an illusion

Cause in the end
I was caught up by this emotion
Have fallen in love
Couldn’t stop the flow

Isn’t heart of stone
Just a mere human being
That’s easily affected by feelings
I’m sorry for loving you…

NB : Got my idea for this poem from Within Temptation’s songs


And,see u again in my next post ^^