I’m here again

Hm…… What should i write?

Liburan 2 minggu,berlalu dalam waktu yg sangat cepat.Ternyata waktu itu relatif yah,seperti kata Einstein

Selama liburan,jalan2 ke Dufan with friends,ke TA,ngedota,nonton dan gawatnya belum belajar!!!!
OMG, da mau UTP + UAP,can i face them T_T ?

Akhir2 ini,lagi merasa not in really good mood,why?
Kadangkala,ada hal yg tidak w sadari,bahwa w menginginkan suatu hal,namun kenapa w ga sadar akan hal itu?
Inikah humanity?  Complexity within their mind and soul…

For today’s poem :

              My Eyes   

In the street,i can see so many people
Peoples with happy face
Peoples with sad face
Peoples with their own faces
And i don’t know if that’s their real face

        Till i meet you
       You looked at my eyes
        And  you found  yourself in my eyes
        With your sweet face

From that day
You always like to see my eyes
And me too
I loved to see your eyes

       I’m happy
        Bcoz i can have you inside my eyes
        And that’s the reason u stayed with me
        Even it’s strange for me

Now i realize
That my eyes not meant for myself
But to see others
To look after the one I cared

       Thanks to you,my loved one
       You made me realize
        The meaning of my eyes
        And i wanted you
       Never gone from my eyes….