Today is Sunday,maybe a shiny day?
Yesterday,I gone to watch a movie ,"The Guardian" with my friends
When we go home,we walked in the middle of the night,hahaha,just like some silly people,but i think it was fun to have some refreshing things ^^

"The Guardian"  was a good movie,and from that movie,i learned a thing that i think was good
"Future isn’t an disaster,and all of us must face it"
Well,the point is like that,coz i forget the exact words,hahaha
Sometimes,we worry about our future,but we forget,that our future already started from this moment

For today,i just made some quotes,hehehe
No poem for today,i think?

"Someday,maybe the worst day will come to us.But don’t forget,that the best day will come too"
"Future is the special answer from the "Time",the answer that was created based on what we choose in this moment"