Today i wanna write a blog after a few days when the "accident" happened ( read in "Angry" post )
Huhuhu >_<
At last,for today i can have a rest after about 2 weeks so many of assignments  T_T and even added the group project for the Lab
Can I handle all of this T_T ?
We’ll see it later…

For today poem :
            "The Moon Lessons"

The moon shine so beautiful
Accompanied by the twilight stars
If only i could hold it
I will hold it tight

But i realize
Who could hold it?
Only the Almighty God can hold
The Creator Himself

But i feel blessed
Even i can’t hold it
I was given chance
To see the moon’s beautiness

This reminds me
Many things in my life
That I want
But I don’t get them

Now I realize
God gave life to me
Not to get everything I want
But He gave me the best
To enjoy all things from His Grace…