They said : "I’m already at my limit,can’t u understand?"
I asked : "Just how much was the limit?" coz i dunno how much my limit in this life
How much i can live as max as possible from this limited life?
How bout u? Do u know ur limit in ur life?

For today poem :

            Limited Life?

    I looked at the sky
    There are dark clouds
    Show their sadness
    Their tears fall down
    In the middle of rain

                      People were sad
                        Looking at the reality
                        Brint it to their dreams
                       Felt the pain

                                  Unlimited sky
                                  Give limited hope
                                  People tried to go to the sky
                                  To hold unlimited things

            Just like a sharpen spear
           Stabbed in fantasies
            Throwing away the spirit to live

                 Then people fall
                From the high place
                Fall down bcoz of their wish
                That not always fulfilled

        Coz of Limit
        People won’t live forever
        There’re sad things
         There’re good things
         So that Life could become full of meaning…