Today,i woke up again,facing new day,new things?
Boring?Exciting?I don’t even know what should i say
I don’t want to feel any pain anymore,it’s enough,I"M TIREDDD!!!!
How can i get rid of this stupid heartache?It sucks… hahahaha,just a bit crazy maybe?

For today poem please feel it with our heart ^^ :


You smiled in front of me
Looking at me
But ur tears keeps faling down
To this cold floor

            I remembered the day   
            When u first time come here
            U attracted many people
            Bcoz of ur kindness

    Slowly,u become popular
    Many people adore u
    They want to be by ur side
    To feel  ur kindness

                      Till the day
                      When that thing happened
                      Everything changed
                      People slowly gone away from u

           Bcoz of ur sickness
            They gone away
            They forgot about u
            As if u never exist

      I just hold ur hand
      They still felt warm
       There’s still kindness in there
      That won’t gone away

                 And i said this to you
                  "Even others leave you
                  As long as one person still holding u
                  U still able to survive"

            U just smile to me
            Hold me tightly
           Saying many thanks
            For the last time

                   U seemed to sleep with peace
                   Left me only ur warmth
                    And the kindness in my heart
                    Goodbye,my tears…