New day,new experience,but still the same things to be done?

Sometimes,i feel afraid.Afraid of what?Afraid of being alone in this world,afraid of my sins,afraid of my future.

But what can i do to sway away this afraid?Coz thinking about that wouldn’t do anything.

So i just give it up to God,not bcoz i don’t want to care about that,but bcoz i know that only Him could help me to face everything…

For today poem :


    I’m kneeing
    With my head bow down
    My hand shakeing
    My heart beating fast

        I know,God
        I know that I’m guilty
        I have done many wrong things
        But i couldn’t stop doing them

            Now i come
            Humbly in Your presence
            Begging for forgiveness
            Hoping for being cleansed from my sins

        I’m afraid
        Too many sins i have done
        Can i still got Your grace
        Can i be freed from all of my sins
    But You come
    Standing with Your greatfullness
    Shining in Your Holy throne
    And open Your hands for me

            You said :
            "I’m here,my son
            I forgive you
            Coz you’re my precious son
            No one else like you"

        I’m touched
        My mouth couldn’t say anything
        My tears just flowing like a river
        But my heart feel warmth,joy
Thank God
Eventhough You know i could fall again
Eventhough I may betray You again
Eventhough I’m always disappointed You

     But You still here
     Ready to heal me
     Ready to hug me
     Ready to forgive me
     I’m really thankful,God…