Days pass by again,leaving both bad n good things in the past,keeps going on as if water flowing from the high places to low places,so it can be stopped or reversed

When u know there’s ending in our moment,will u be ready to face the new next moment?
Or will u be ready to let go this moment?
Remember this moment,treasure it,whether bad or good,coz maybe it won’t come again
Prepare for next moment,bcoz it is the way to living on in this world

For today poem ^^

Human’s way

    I looked at human beings
    They looked interesting
    Living flesh that combined with
    Soul and mind in the inside

        Some people fake their smile
        Bcoz they want others
        Sees them as happy person
        So that they will like them

Some people fake their tears
Bcoz they want others
Sees them with empathy feelings
So that they will be cared

                It looks like contradiction
                But it still the same
                They just wanted
                To be seen by others

        Bcoz human so easily
        Judge people from their looks
        Like people based on impression
        Hate people bcoz bad attitude

    That’s human beings
    They made their own world
    Making subjective standard
    But don’t want treated unfair

                    Till when this will be continued?