Today,is it just my feeling or is it true that i felt today just so long to pass,not like other days,i just feel as if my time was more than it supposed to be,hahaha
Well,maybe coz i have a lot of activities to do today?Such as wake up in the morning at 6 am bcoz the AC was leaked out and the water just drop exactly in my foot,oh no,so cold in the morning,hahahaha
Then gone to bath,brrr it’s cold and then go to campus to help n introduce with new students.Then me n friends gone to eat in bakmi Cynthia.Then i go to my friend’s boarding house,reading comics n sleep for 1 hour maybe?
After then,we go to Emporium Syadan to DotA together with the new students,and my team got 2 winning and 1 lose,hahaha,it was fun
Then in the night,i help my friend’s sister to get something,and at last buy ketoprak n paying my net fee,hahaha
That’s it , looks like many activities for today
So if u want ur days feel long to past,just do many things,don’t alone,but together with others ^^

For today poem ^^ :


           One small seed
            Taken by a bird
            And then it was dropped
            In the side of the road

     No one cared
     No one sees
     That the seed was there
     Lying alone without friends

                    Till one day
                   The seed was gone
                   But there was a bud
                    The seed struggling to be a bud

          The bud must face it
          The burning sunlight in the noon
          The cold air in the night
          And the insects tried to eat it

                        I look upon the bud
                        Now it become flower
                        Not a beautiful one
                        Just a simple flower            

The flower just grew up
Then suddenly someone came
He stepping the flower
And then pull it from the ground
Throwing it into the river

                Now the flower had gone
                Leaving nothing
                But the memory of its struggle
                Never gone from my dream