When we gone to sleep,all of us surely want to have nice sleep n nice dreams,aren’t we :D?

Dreams are said as flowers in our sleep,sometimes like a rose,beautiful yet dangerous if we touch the thorn.Sometimes like a bud,not yet become flower,made us disappointed
But dreams just dreams,aren’t they 😀 ??
Just like a wind,easily goes up n come again…
So don’t always day dreaming,hahahaha ^^

Enjoy today  poem :

                My Dream For Reality   

Yesterday i had a dream
The dream that always wanted by us
Dreaming that our life was perfect
Everything always goes as our wishs

          I dreamt that my life was perfect
         Have nice,caring n wonderful friends
         Always got things that i wanted
         And got someone that being my soulmate

    I felt so happy
    Coz nothing better than this
    I can get what i want
    Everyone cares about me

                 And then suddenly i woke up
                 In the middle of the night
                  Sitting in the bed
                 Thinking about the dream
                 "So that’s only dream eh?"

          And then i thought
           Did my life was better in the dream?
           Or it was better in this reality?
           Then i slept again

    The next day
     I think about the dream again
     Now i got the answer
     It was better in this reality

                 Bcoz if my life just like the dream
                     How boring it was
                 Nothing challenge me
                    And i will be naive

           And i wouldn’t be as strong as now
           Facing the difficulties in my life
            Enjoying things i got with my hard effort
            And be the one that made my life wonderful
             Not based on my surroundings,but by myself

Note : * Feel free to give comments,as usual,i appreciate it 😀