1 month already past,new month already here.
Days pass by so quickly   >.<  , never let me taste it much longer,and now already facing new "today".
What will i taste for "today"?

For today poem :

                                                                The Reason                                    

I looked at u from far away
U seems alot like me
Resembled me in the past
Trying to be strong in ur fragile heart

               In the next day,i came to u
               But u denied me at that moment
               It’s okay for me
              Coz i understand the reason u became so secure

     People always tried to be ur friend
     But they couldn’t
     Coz ur attitude towards them
     Made them hurt

                    I understand that so much
                    So even u hurt me
                    I really know that
                    U endured much pain more than
                         The pain i felt from ur denial

              Today,i come again for u
              Seems u already accept me
              But there still a gap between us
              That will slowly melt as time goes

    Tomorrow,i will come again for u
    And we could be able to walk together
    Smiling n cried together
    Sharing our feelings to each other
    Bcoz now u with me….

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