Today still in free day,no collage,no study ^^ waw
But i still feel it was a waste if i dont do something useful in this free days

World will always spinning around,no matter what u feel,no matter what u do,sometimes i think it’s scary,coz both bad n happy things just gone away n come again while our hearts still in fragile state,yet we keep must going on,so we really need source of strength.Have u found the source of the strength? For me,there’s only one n will always only one : Jesus Christ

For today poem :

Wings fallen down to the earth
Brought my days together with them
My days introduced themselves to me
So i could able to face them

1st one called Happiness
It will give me warm feelings
So that i will keep smiling to others
No matter what happen in my life

2nd one called Sorrow
It will give me sad feelings
So that i will know that others feels the same things with me
And i could share together with them

3rd one called Emptiness
it will give me empty feelings
So that i will try to fill it with things that could able to remove the emptiness
And i could tell others how to remove the emptiness

4th one called Fear
It will give me scare n despair
So that i will understand how my life so short
And i could live my life at the best i can and live together with others

Yet so many other days again introduced themselves
I couldn’t tell anymore
Coz if i tell,it wouldn’t be excited again to face these days
Just live up as much as u can
And just know,these days not bad as u think
Coz they always hoped the best for u
Even u don’t understand at all

By : Myself  ^^