Huwee,today i got my final exam result,fiuh I’m glad that my UAP SBD got 76,so that my final grade maybe got C T_T,but thank God at last my effort to study was not useless

For today,i learn something
When we feel sad,we used to think negative/bad things,yet when we feel happy,we used to think positive/good things.Do u realize such simple things?Are human always thinking like that?Why human thinking like that even no one tell them to be like that?Why not when feel happy,think about bad things?Or when feel sad,think about good things?Isn’t it strange?

I think that’s something unique,connection between ur heart n ur mind.When ur heart in bad shape,it can also influence the way u thinking

For today poem
Enjoy it ^^ :

I thought i was right
Doing everything that others did too
But i forgot important thing
Others did not always do everything right

My life just like copied action from others
They smile,i smile
They cried,i cried
They think,i think

I realized
That I am is myself,not him,not her,not it
I already unique without copying others
Coz there are only one me,no others like me

So coz of that
I won’t be the same me again
Not always based on what others do
But based on what should i do

Such small things
Yet can decide my future
For new today till other days
Let’s be myself