Today,i have UAP Sistem Basis Data using SQL Server Query Analyzer at 3:00 pm in Syahdan
I already prepared myself for this day exam,yet i still can’t do it  T_T,only 1 answer that i can get exactly the right,the others i don’t get the answers,even though i tried my best.
After UAP finished,i feel really disappointed and really down,it feel so much pain in my heart,i wonder why?

When i feel ready and feel can do it,yet the result just the reverse of that.Even though i do as much as i can,why i still failed T_T ? Why when something bad happens ,i can feel pain?
For now,i only hope that may i got angel kindhearted lab assistant to check my SQL server file T_T (is that possible??)

And this made me realize not everything will happened as we want,so we must be ready for every possibility.And i hope what happened not made me give up,but made me more n more stronger,although it’s hurt…