Yo yo yo,i’m here now
Today,i just watched "My Girl and I" starred by Song Hye Kyo n Cha Tae Hyeon.That was good film.This movie made me realize how short our lifes.It made me think when something started,it will be ended,coz no ending without start.But the problem is how does the end will ended?The way we want or the way we don’t want?

Sometimes we never realize that so many people arround us that care about us.We just think that as simple thing,life as usual,don’t care about that
Or sometimes we love our friends or family,but we just do nothing for them,or even just hurt them.But when they already gone,we regretted that we done nothing for them,crying in heart.
I learned that the best thing u can do for person u love is to be beside her/him,not gift,not phone call,not ur romantic words,but it’s ur presence.

So,let’s us live with the best we can do then
That’s it for today ^^,just a little thought about this short life,hehehe