1 month had past and i not write this blog (>.<) b’coz of lazy too ^^
many things happened and changed in 1 month ^^,but i know that God always never changed (wew,that’s cool)
in this month i have many outcome >.< (hiks TT) and made some new friends ^^
we go to TA with new student to take photos together
and in 18-19 Agustus i came to Bogor,Ciawi for FG (Friendship Gathering) Outbound
wew,that was fun and tired,and i’m chosen being the group leader ( wew >.< ),there are 10 group and me in 4th group,and in this outbound we really need cooperative and creativity for accomplish 10 mission,but we not accomplish about 2 mission (hiks,but i’m happy that my team is cooperative and have fun)
what should i write again?in this past 2 days,i was in not too good mood >.<
i’m moody person,and when in this condition,i can’t think clearly and always have negative thinking (auch) and i feel my could made me depressed >.< and sometimes this made me feel tired
and i maybe need sometime being alone to cooling my head ^^
well,that’s it for today coz i’m lazy to write again
so…  c u guys ^^(maybe tomorrow ^^)