My story continued again from yesterday ^^
I should know i’ll never be alone,never and ever,b’coz i still have God with me,families,friends that still care to me although i don’t realize it b’coz my mind had been can’t think clearly ^^
Well.. when i feel lonely and in problems i usually pray and search for God,really thank Him that He always be there for me,never left me alone when everyone left me alone
U know,when i prayed,i feel more better,my burden feels taken away,there’s feeling that myself can’t understand but it mades me comfort
I really thankful for God.When u feel lonely,feel nobody cares,no one can’t help ur problems,u’ll know how it feels and how amazing and precious God’s love,b’coz He always take care of me,whatever happen in my life.He’s my best friend that i ever had in my life (really made mey heart touched).When u feel lonely,nobody care and many problems in ur life,just come to Him,and He will be there for u,although u can’t feel and see it
B’coz i had experienced it ^^