hello again ^^
lately i was lazy to write this blog coz of Pangya (wew >.<) this game really made me obssessed (waakakak)
today i learned that handling emotions wasn’t easy,u REALLY need cool head (but don’t put ur head in refrigerator hahahaha.it’s not cool,but COLD ^^)  and thinking clearly without using ur anger and madness ^^
sometimes i feel moody,negative thinking bout something and some1 ^^,but the problem is how to react and respond that feeling and thinking,not to crush and hate that thing and some1.Maybe u still not understand,but someday u’ll be understand what i meant ^^ heheheh
but the important thing i must remember is : Whatever happen in my life,it depends on my reaction and respond that can makes my life become beautiful or sorrowful ^^
hahah,no comment again for today ^^
nite,it already 00.15 am now……. zzz…zzz