yesterday i was lazy to write this blog b’coz playing game Battle Realms ^^,i really like this game,b’coz the characters was cool (yeah),especially Kabuki and Dragon Warrior,although it was hard to play using Dragon clan to against Lotus clan(T_T) .Why don’t u try this game(hahaha,promoting this game ^^),and i go to bed at about 2.45 am o_O hahaha
and now next session =^^=
today i watched LOTR Fellowship of the ring ^^,wew >.< it almost takes about 3 hours,makes me sleepy(i was really eager to watch this movies ^^)
and i still haven’t watch LOTR Two towers and Return of the kings T_T (auchhh)
maybe to watch both will takes about 6 hours ( waw,hahahah,that’ll makes my eyes bigger O_o )
and tonight i’ll go eat  with komsel ^^
that’s it for today hahahah