today nothing special,just playing The Sims 2 and Civilization III.Playing The Sims 2 were not as easy as i think,b’coz it was really complex when u want to control 1 Sim and at the same time u need to control the other Sim too >.<,so i’d like if i just control 1 Sim at all time,it will be more easier ^^.at the 1st playing Civi III,i was not understand how to play the game(until now just understand a little,too many explanation that made my eyes sick ^^),looks like this game really need strategies >.< (auch)
and today i watched war of the worlds and electra with my friends in kost ^^,both were good movies
hmm…  nothing to say again hahahha ^^
wanna sleep,it’s already 1.30 am now >.<
to be continued again….