we were have 5 games :pontang panting,kicir kicir,kora kora,bom bom car and halilintar
but the most made me even can’t say a word is kora kora (hahahah)
one really makes me feel dizzy and scared,even made my face look pale
and i can’t scream anymore ^^,maybe b’coz it’s the first time to me
^^,i was scared to ride on kora kora again >.<
but looks like next time i’ll try again ^^
At least i enjoyed every games in Dufan although really tired and makes me scared hahahah
looks like i’ll go to bed earler today ahaahahah
for preparing watching anime tomorrow in someone’s kost hahaha(maybe ^^)
huahmmmm,wanna sleep and i still have mission that needs to be accomplished hahahah
to be continued tomorrow…(if there’s nothing makes me can’t write this blog ^^)